Match Report: Point v Carloway 17/07/15

By | 28 August

Reds eventually show the Way

Point 4 v 0 Carloway

(League 10)

Point continued their ascent towards the top of the table with a hard fought 3 points against a strong Carloway side. The game was a lot closer than the scoreline suggests and up until the final 15 minutes, the game was still in the balance. The Reds goals came from Elliot, Ali G, Sam’s bum and Stu F.

First half
As a result of a refereeing crisis, the game was the only one to take place which annoyed some of the players who were wanting an “all dayer” at the Heb Celt Festival. Anyway, there was plenty of time for those shenanigans after the game.
The Reds started well and had a couple of good chances from corners which were headed over and wide by Elliot and Stu F. Carloway had FRAZMAC playing for them, a point noted by Coach Stoodie as he appreciated his car pre match. Anyway, they also had a youngster called Angus Grant up on holiday who was looking pretty lively, and Ali G and Stu F had  to be on their toes.
The first chance Carloway had was when Lee Johnson tested Wrighty with a shot from a tight angle which the Legend saved well.

The Reds took the lead after around half an hour and it was a fairly controversial moment. A free kick down the right was quickly taken to Alexander who swung the ball in towards the back post. A couple of Reds strikers went for it and missed the ball which made it all the way to the back post. It then rebounded off the post to Elliot who slammed it high into the net! Get in there. Point 1 v 0 Carloway. The linesman stood with his flag up…the referee consulted him before awarding the goal, much to Carloway’s annoyance. All I know is that I don’t understand the offside rule anymore. And we were winning. 🙂

Domhnall Mackay, so often the rock at the heart of the Carloway defence, was playing in midfield and he along with Squegg and Eachainn Miller were giving the Reds midfield a tough game. Ali Laxay was playing at the back and was having a topper of a game against Wally, although the mini messi had travelled from Ireland earlier in the day. Whenever I was grumpy and tired my mum would offer me a honey sandwich ( it has become a running joke) and I felt like asking Wally if he wanted a honey sandwich. I’m sure it would have helped.

Half time
We knew we were in a tough match and we would need to defend well to keep the Way out. Coach Stoodie was confident that as the game wore on and spaces opened up, we would have chances with our pace to counter attack.
Someone delivered us our cuppa and cakes and once again, they were quite delicious. I hadn’t had any dinner so gave one of my cakes to Ali Lamont (who didn’t need asking twice) so that I would have space for later on.

Second half
Carloway came out firing and FRAZMAC had a couple of decent chances on the angle, but first Wrighty and then a goaline clearance by Angus denied the goal machine. The Reds were dicing with death and Coaches Stoodie and Macaulay were scratching their heads, how can we get on top? We swapped the front three around to see if they could get any joy. After around an hour Wally played a lovely through ball to Alexander who motored towards goal. Ali Laxay came across to make a last ditch tackle before the Red forward could strike. Ali slid, Alex fell, PENALTY!! Once again Carloway went mental over the decision but Ali G wasn’t feeling any sympathy as he smacked the ball into the back of the net. Point 2 v 0 Carloway.

I am writing this 3 weeks after the game with no notes. This is because:
1) I was on holiday and got lazy.
2) It was festival time.
3) All my notes turned to mush on a wet night v Westside.
4) If you want a more detailed report, go to the Carloway website, Stuart Rankin’s reports are at a different level to mine.
As a result I cant remember too much more of the game, or the next 4 games!  I remember that there were some pretty wild tackles going on. The Reds extended their lead when a near post free kick by Duncan “Pantzer” Hunter found its target and Sam’s bum cheekily put it in at the near post. Point 3 v 0 Carloway.

At last Coach Stoodie and I could relax and further gloss was put on the scoreline when Stu F ventured forward and tapped in following a cut back from Alexander. Point 4 v 0 Carloway.

Point man of the match: Elliot Rudall. Towering performance from the midfield powerhouse.

Moment of match: Ali Gillies’ penalty nearly took the net off – the grumblies were seen cowering behind the goal. Vital strike.

Moan of the match: I don’t think there should be any games on the Friday of festival week. Loads of players, coaches and fans want to go to the tent or catch up with friends and family who come up at this time of year.