Match Report: Point v Lochs 27/5/15

By | 1 June

Tough Rudhachs show bouncebackability!

Point 3 v 2 Lochs (AET)

(Jock Stein Semi Final) 27/5/15

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The Reds are through to another final!!!!!  After the disappointment of losing the Lewis Cup to the Niseachs in the final game of last season, the Reds will have another chance to bring silverware across the Braighe when they face Westside in the Jock Stein Cup final on the 12th June. In what was an epic battle, Red’s Hotshot Sam Macsween fired home the winner in extra time to inflict on the Maroons a first defeat of the season.

First half
Now , I wasnt actually at the game, being laid up at home with flu. That makes writing a report fairly challenging(!) but I think I have most of the main details and incidents from talking to people. I was hoping someone else might write something but I think they were all too knackered, emotionally drained, or illiterate.
The first half saw the Reds slightly altered formation combat the Lochies trusty 4 4 2 and the Reds were doing well, with Stu F reverting to centreback and Mowgli coming in to midfield. No Elliot ( chips won’t cook themselves!) or Stu M (oil won’t drill itself!) meant that the Reds were short a couple of world class players, though the Lochies were missing Graeme Mackenzie and Rob Jones, who are alright.

OK so the first text I got was after around 25 minutes and it suggested thet Lochs goalie James Macleod was up to his gogo gadget arms nonsense again. Wally, who was having a fine game, cut inside Nomie and fired a beautiful shot from 35 yards out, arcing high over the keeper. But James backpedalled like crazy before flinging himself upwards and getting a fingertip to it. The ball rattled the crossbar, bounced down and the returning Peter Mackenzie cleared just before Sam could get there. So close!
I dunno anything else about the first half but Ali G told me he hit the worst shot ever from 30 yards out at some stage of the game. Apparently it hit Apollo 16 and is currently burning it’s way back into the atmosphere.

It was still goalless at half time which was good for the Reds considering our previous two games. If we could keep it tight at the back then we would surely make a few chances with the forwards we have.
Had a Lemsip.

Second half
Straight from kick off both teams looked like they meant business. After 48 mins Sam was played clean through with nobody anywhere near him. Surely this was the moment to beat James. Sam slowed down, steadied himself, and slowed down some more, and stopped. What to do?  Eventually Sam shot but it was saved by James as Alex Wright went ballistic at the other end . It was all to come good in the end for Sam.

Almost immediately the Lochies opened the scoring with a goal very similar to their third last week. Andy Murray laid the ball into the path of Nipper, overlapping from fullback. Nipper’s cross found Craig Maclean who’s header, whilst lacking power, had the perfect direction and try as he might, Wrighty couldn’t quite reach it as it went in off the post. Point 0 v 1 Lochs (50 mins)

This was gonna really test the Reds resolve, could they come back from a goal down after the tough week just past? You bet your cotton picking bahookie they could! After 62 minutes Alexander played a beautiful through ball to Duncan “Illgner” Hunter. Dunc gave the keeper “the eyes” – his words- and was about to shoot when Jim O Donnell made a last gasp tackle. Jim’s tackle played the ball against Dunc’s foot and the ball ricocheted into the corner, beyond a befudddled James. Yessssss.  Point 1 v 1 Lochs. Game on.

Five minutes later the Reds took the lead, when following a good advantage from Referee Maclean, Ruari Miller “time” chipped the ball through to Wally. Wally burst clear on the inside right of the box, before taking aim and firing in at the near post beyond James. Point 2 v 1 Lochs.(67 mins) We were ahead!! The Lochies were behind for the first time this season. Cmon the Reds.

As the game wore on and I flinched at any noise my phone made, I decided to do the dishes to occupy my mind. I wouldn’t look at my phone until 8:45pm, which would be about full time. Man I was sweating, for three reasons. The fricking soapy water was boiling!

So at 8:45pm I ambled through the house nonchalantly,  not a care in the world…… Check my phone. One text which reads “90 mins”. Sound, just a couple of minutes to hold on. Then this happened at the Roo Camp: David Macmillan got fouled around 40 yards out by the touchline. Dave floated the ball in, it was flicked on at the near post and there was Jim O Donnell to head home at the back post for an injury time equaliser. Noooo. Point 2 v 2 Lochs. Full time. Maybe it wasn’t to be.

Extra time

The Reds regrouped and started Extra Time with a bang as Wally slipped Sam through on the inside left channel. Sam took one glance before hammering the ball left footed beyond James and into the far corner, WHAT A STRIKE!! TAKE A BOW!! COWABUNGA!! Point 3 v 2  Lochs. Only another 25 minutes to go!! Noooo We never do things easy! Its like watching Andy Murray playing tennis, or Scotland playing anything!

Word has it that Lochs had most of the play in ET , with Point soaking up pressure and trying to hit on the break or take the ball to the corners to waste some time. Coach Stoodie was unhappy with how panicky the Reds were getting, urging them to take their time. To be fair to the lads they were better in the second period of ET and managed to see the game through to the end, when the Roo Camp erupted at the thought of another final. You beauty.

Point man of the match: Wally Maciver- Skillful and tireless display by the Garrabost Messi.

Moment of match: Sam’s winner, pick it out!!!!

Moan of the match: I figured ET would be finished and there was no word so I texted Coach Stoodie, ” is it over, did we win??” Five tortuous minutes later ” Penalties” Noooooo!!!! we always lose penalties. Minute later, “Only joking, we won 3 2” Phewwww.